Quick Slit is a national leader and expert in the paper converting and paper sales industry.

We’re not your typical paper converting company. We welcome the challenge of developing quality custom paper solutions that Quick Slit Paper conversionsolve real business problems in new ways, from promotional items to transforming parts of your product to make it more efficient or green.

Quick Slit has sophisticated paper conversion equipment to convert paper reels into paper sheets and smaller reels, paper sheeting equipment to cut large reels of paper into smaller sheet sizes to match with specific customer requirements.

We have worked with some of the country’s largest paper mills and merchants, who have benefited vastly from our paper conversion services and have repeatedly entrusted their paper converting process to us. Over the years, our paper converting service has helped clients greatly reduce costs and wastage.

Our highly specialized machines ensure that paper conversion is done to the exact dimension that our clients need. Also packaged neatly, ready to be used or marketed.

Paper is our passion. As paper converters, we’ll do what it takes to come up with the most creative, practical and cost effective paper solution for your business. Go ahead, just ask.

Paper Converting

At Quick Slit, we’re real people who care greatly about your end result. All custom converting is handled in-house in our custom paper converting facility. You'll work with an experienced staff that personally manage and inspect the creation of your paper product, from the straightest lines and exact measurements to flawless execution of the tiniest details. Your project will be processed with the most innovative paper handling and paper converting equipment for:

Slitting/rewinding (roll to roll)
Sheeting (roll to sheets)Quick Slit Paper conversion
Guillotine (sheets to sheets)
Coating (roll to roll)

Custom Converting Services

As a paper converter company, our team can create the exact paper size and measurement you need with laser precise results, including:


  • 10mm to 2500mm widths
  • 1800mm max reel OD
  • 4mm - 305mm ID core
  • 19 Gsm – 750 Gsm
  • capable of salvaging wet and damaged rolls.paper sheeting conversion


  • 1500mm max widths
  • 1800mm max roll diameter
  • 1750mm max sheet length
  • 38 Gsm – 750 Gsm
  • capable of salvaging wet and damaged rolls
  • Including guillotine capabilities.

Roll slitting is a shearing operation that cuts a large roll of material into narrower rolls.

In rewind slitting the web is unwound and run through the machine, passing through knives or lasers, before being rewound on one or more shafts to form narrower rolls.