Quick Slit was established by Danie van der Walt and Renier Greeff in 1975 to convert paper for the paper mills in Johannesburg. Into various sizes to accommodate the printing, paper and packaging industry. Quick Slit started off as a partnership in 1975 but the close corporation was created in 1991.

It was only after a few years in operation, that Quick Slit started to provide a service to the printing and packaging industry nationwide and in neighboring countries.

Today, it is without a doubt, that Quick Slit is recognized as being among the leaders in it's field. With a very productive, energetic and reliable team. Today, Quick Slit is also very proud to include Ivan and Wenzel Greeff among it's management ranks and both are very successful, in their individual fields.

Continuing to be run as a family business, makes Quick Slit special. Keeping customer relationships personal and by having a professional sales team under its belt Quick Slit is able to offer expert advice on selecting the right products for your needs.

Management has built up a very good relationship with the staff over the years and they are proud to announce that today Quick Slit occupies more than 4000m² of factory space and employ's more than 60 people.

Strategy and Vision

a. Values

Honesty, professionalism and integrity have been our priority from the beginning.

b. Growth strategy

Quick Slit’s growth strategy is to identify products and services that can be built on and produced to perfection.

Business competitiveness

Quick Slit has acquired invaluable knowledge and experience in specialist fields and developed into a hands on innovative and successful company with many satisfied clients in South Africa and neighboring states.

Management team

a. Managing Director

Renier Greeff

b. Managers

Ivan Greeff - Operations Manager
Wenzel Greeff - Financial Manager
Owen Naidoo - Factory Manager (Converting Div.)
Jacques Kotze - Factory Manager (Paper Core Div.)
Loura Duvenhage - Office Manager

c. Sales Team

Gert Bezuidenhout
Kevin Maistry