Tube Packaging.


Quick Slit is proud to introduce a brand new product offering. A Tube Pack is essentially a fiber construction of paper with one or both ends enclosed with either metal, plastic, tin, alluminium, matching cardboard lid or paper.

The inner liner is generally made up of foil to assist with insulation and/or freshness.

The outer label can be designed and printed according to your specified artwork and can be as attractive as you make it. Making this container an incredibly viable alternative to virtually every sector in the food industry.

Tube packaging is a fantastic and innovative way to package a variety of products. Not only is it extremely cost effective compared to metal, tin or even plastic (On average 60% less than metal cans) but it has a list of advantages, namely:

  • Tube Packaging is far superior when it comes to being environmentally friendly.
  • Are incredibly light weight
  • Are extremely cost effective
  • Are very hygienic
  • Are far safer when it comes to handling
  • They offer maximum shelf life (Ideal oxygen barrier properties)
  • Have an airtight Hermetic seal and
  • Provide great customer convenience.

Quick Slits liners are made of a combination of polymers or alluminium, depending on the product, to further insure:-

  • Preservation
  • Sustainability

There are absolutely so many different uses for these from promotional products, advertising, bottling to product launches. View our gallery below to get some creative ideas.

For assistance or advice on more bespoke designs and ideas, please contact us as soon as possible. We will gladly help you get your brand or packaging in front of consumers in the most cost effective and attention grabbing way as possible.